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Sunny Pointe Kindergarten Northville Sunny Pointe Kindergarten Northville
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Kindergarten Northville
Kindergarten Northville
Kindergarten Northville Kindergarten Northville
Kindergarten Northville
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Sunny Pointe Kindergarten Northville  


The Sunny Pointe Young Five Program is designed for children who have been in a preschool program for two years and do not meet the age requirement for the public school kindergarten. Children in Michigan must be five years of age by December 1st or they may not begin kindergarten in the fall of that school year.

The Sunny Pointe “Kindergarten” curriculum, in keeping with our philosophy, provides a comfortable home-like setting giving children a sense of security and consistency.

The kindergarten program addresses all aspects of a child’s development including sensory, fine motor & gross motor development, cognitive communication development, and social-emotional & self-help skills development. The program addresses these areas with the following experiences:

  • A Literacy Rich Classroom
  • Discovery (Math  and Science)
  • Music and Movement
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Outdoor Recess
  • Blocks and Manipulative's
  • Sensory
  • Library
  • Dramatic Play
The Sunny Pointe Curriculum is designed to foster a positive attitude in your child views towards themselves and learning. This can be best achieved through cooperation between the home and school with open communication and support. Teachers and parents working together produce the best possible development experience for your child.

What to Look for in a Classroom

Your child needs to learn and develop in a literacy rich classroom. Here is a list of what Sunny Pointe offers and what you should come to expect from your child’s classroom.
  • Literacy as a focus of instruction
  • Reading, writing, listening, mathematics, and science centers
  • Print-rich environment: labels for room objects, wall charts,
    with poems, experience stories, and “word” walls of frequently used words
  • Students reading throughout the print-rich environment
  • Shared reading with a focus on one-to-one correspondence
  • (finger to word) and directionality daily
  • Lots of rhythm and rhyme activities to develop phonemic awareness
  • Letter sound activities related to hearing and repeating sounds orally
    and writing letters and words daily
  • Large group, small group, and individual instruction
  • Writing daily with the individual needs of students considered
  • Teachers reading to students daily
  • Journal writing
  • Children rereading massive amounts of familiar books
  • Ongoing assessment of student progress

  Sunny Pointe Kindergarten Northville

A typical day begins at 9:00 am with the opening circle during which time the children hear a story, practice counting, recite days of the week, view weather graph, etc.. They will also practice the song of the week, learn letter and number recognition.  The morning continues with a snack and learning centers. The morning activities are completed by 12:00 pm.

7:00-8:30 am: Arrival & breakfast
8:00-9:00 am: Free Play
9:15–9:30 am: Circle Time (Story, calendar, weather graph, patterns, counting)
9:30–9:45 am: Snack
9:45–10:45 am: Learning Center Time (Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Creative)
10:45–11:10 am: Clean-up & Group Time (letter of the week, reading, writing)
11:15–11:45 am: LUNCH
11:45–12:00 am: Free time

After Lunch

The morning is followed by an art project based on the week’s theme from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm.

12:00–12:30 pm: Art Project (based on weekly theme)
12:30–1:00 pm: Group Time, Sticker Chart, Outside Play
1:00–1:30 pm: Silent Reading and Resting Time


The afternoon includes a snack, learning centers, outdoor recess or group game and ending circle. Learning centers make up the largest portion of the daily schedule in the classroom. Learning centers provide an opportunity for your child to develop hands-on reinforcement of concepts and skills that have been introduced in a whole-group setting. Young children learn best through active exploration and concrete experience. The experiences focused on include literacy, art, blocks, sensory (sand and water), music and movement, discovery (math and science), dramatic play, games (small and large groups), cooking, and gymnastics.

1:30–2:15 pm: Afternoon Learning Centers (Coloring sheets, play-dough, project)
2:15–2:45 pm: Music and movement
3:00–6:00 pm: Latch Key

Have Questions?

If you have questions regarding our Young Five Kindergarten Program, please contact us directly at 248-347-6580 or email us at and we would be happy to discuss our program and answer any questions you may have.

Schedule a Visit

If you would like to visit Sunny Pointe to see our programs first hand, schedule a quick visit at your convenience and allow us to show you what we have to offer your child.

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